Which auto insurance to choose?

A thorny question that attempts to answer specialist sites like The Mag Insurance. Because it is true that between the many formulas offered and the multitude of guarantees that can be added, we do not always know where to give head, fortunately, a page to find the best auto insurance auto loan of the current year .

Choose an all-risk auto insurance may seem natural given its more covering character. However, the choice depends mainly on the situation. Already, in terms of price, if in France third-party insurance costs on average 270 euros, the formula “all damages” is 600 euros. Equivalent car, the price goes from single to double. Specialists recommend more comprehensive insurance for recent cars with high market value. This formula is therefore interesting if your car has traveled less than 120 000 km and is less than 8 years old. Conversely, if it has grown older and is over 10 years old or has traveled more than 150,000 km, third party insurance may be sufficient. If necessary, you will just have to add additional guarantees to the contract that will give you better protection.

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